Grantour Cycling and Events in Italy

19 maggio, 2016Read More

Did you like the food and wine from Piedmont that you had at The Pasta Factory? Are you interesting in better understanding our culture and our

Interview with Luna Nuova (Italian Newspaper)

9 marzo, 2016Read More

Aprire un ristorante italiano in Inghilterra, a Manchester poi dove la colonia tricolore è ben presente ed i locali ispirati al bel paese non mancano di

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank’s Branch at 77 Shudehill

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The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank’s Branch at 77 Shudehill opens for business in 1873, and is one of a large number of Manchester City Branches that joins

Interview with The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK

14 gennaio, 2016Read More

Reinventing Investing in the UK An interview with Paolo Gaudino, sport scientist and fitness coach for Manchester United first team and co-founder of The Pasta Factory.

Antica Torrefazione del Centro… Our Coffee!

6 dicembre, 2015Read More

In the heart of Carmagnola (Piedmont, Italy), brother and sister Francesco and Elisa have a passion for coffee, a passion that runs in the family seeing

Interview with the Manchester Evening News

20 novembre, 2015Read More

Italian ‘pastificio’ The Pasta Factory opens in Manchester The shop and restaurant in Shudehill serves fresh pasta and authentic Italian sauces to eat in or cook

60% of Your Calories Are From Highly Processed Food

7 novembre, 2015Read More

Most of the foods we buy are highly processed and loaded with sugar, fat and salt A new study suggest that 61% of the food people buy is

Ten curiosities about pasta that not even an Italian knows.

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According to a survey of the CIRM, in Italy the strong point remains the classic pasta with tomato sauce, followed by pasta with meat sauce, while

Why do we say pasta “Al Dente”?

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Translated from Italian, al dente means “to the tooth”. It is used to refer to pasta cooked so it is still “firm to bite” but not