Manchester’s Best Restaurants

The Pasta Factory
Sometimes, there is nothing better than the simple things in life and pasta is one of those things. Now, I don’t want to undermine The Pasta Factory by calling it simple. In reality, it is far from it with its expertly handmade pasta which is made fresh on site every day.

There is something effortless about The Pasta Factory, and it really is casual dining at its very best. The menu is small and unintimidating with just ten pasta dishes, a handful of starters, six desserts and a concise but impressive wine list.

The Pasta Factory knows the power in fine ingredients and you will find the menu stuffed to the gunnels with them. Whether it is creamy burrata, Italian clams, Piedmont black truffle or olive oil, every element of the menu is the best money can buy used in classic and traditional recipes from the old country. I highly recommend the Bucatini Neri con le Vongole – black bucatini tossed with wild clams, cherry tomatoes & a hint of chilli & parsley.

Don’t let the name fool you, this is hands-down one of the best restaurants for miles.


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